Flexible Bollard

Amen International Pte Ltd provides fixed flexible bollards in Singapore to direct traffic flow movement in parking lots to guide traffic movement and parking vehicles. They are also found on roads and used as lane delimiters.

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Amen International Pte Ltd provides Flexible Bollard in Singapore for general barrication purpose such as block access, protection for equipment, machinery or even buildings. They are also found on roads and used as lane divider or delineator.

The flexible bollard will not damage vehicles. Their primary characteristic is to be strong enough to resist certain impacts and cannot be removed easily. They bend on impact and straighten again when the vehicle reverses. However, these bollards can still be damaged if it is run over by cards or lorries since the material is made of PVC. 

Our bollards are designed with colored reflective sleeve that provide excellent visibility at all times of the day and night, under all weather conditions.

The standard Flexible Bollard are in yellow/black strip color and in size of 7.5 cm dia x 75 cm (height) and 7.5 cm dia x 1 m (height).


Some of the features of our Flexible Bollard include:

    • Material is PVC.
    • Color: Orange with White Reflective Strip.
    • Bolted Permanently on Flooring.
    • Water & Rust Resistant.
    • Flexible & lightweight.
    • Sturdy & strong.
    • Visible from distance.
    • Brand : Sanlite


Options available for Flexible Bollard in Singapore include:

    • Size: 7.5 cm dia x 1 m (height).
    • Size: 7.5 cm dia. x 75 cm (height).
    • Color: Red or Orange.


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Orange, Red


7.5 cm dia. x 75 cm height, 7.5 cm dia x 1 m height, Custom






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