Wheel Chokes

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Amen International Pte Ltd provides wheel chokes in Singapore that help to prevent accidental movement when a vehicle is parked. The wheel choke is a perfect fit for almost any vehicle tyres, siting snugly between the floor surface and tyre.  This product provides users with an increased level of safety and security as it is seeks to avoid possible vehicular accidents or damage to property.

Our wheel chokes are made of high-density polyvinyl material which makes them long-lasting. Additionally, the grooves on the chokes provide greater friction between the wheel and surface. As such, our wheel chokes are most effective in stopping cars, lorries and trailers from rolling sideways while parked on an upward slope.


Some of the features of our wheel choke include:

    • Water & Rust Resistant.
    • Durable & Long lasting..
    • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
    • Made of Rubber
    • Straight groove details to increase wheel and surface friction
    • Brand : Sanlite


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