Expandable Plastic Barricade


Amen International Pte Ltd provides a 2 Stand Expandable Plastic Barricade also known as foldable or scissor barricade in Singapore that is mainly used for effective management of traffic and movement flow.

Unlike the metal expandable barricades, this plastic options are much lighter in weight. even easier to transport and requires little maintenance. The color of this barricade is bright and will last for a very long period of time due to its weatherproof feature. These barricades are ideal for limiting access to dangerous and restricted areas by isolating them from the general public.

The portable and durable design comes up with interlocking features and its sturdy construction ensures the barriers do not fall over easily when there are strong winds and heavy rain.

Furthermore, its expandable layout is ideal for locations with limited capacity.


Some of the features of our Expandable Plastic Barricade include:

    • Material is Plastic
    • Size is 2.25 m x 107 cm (H) (max. expanded)
    • Weight is 6.8 kg.
    • Color is Red
    • Portable & Sturdy.
    • Adjustable layout.
    • Brand: Sanlite

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2.25 m x 107 cm (H)




6.8 kg




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