Floor ‘A’ Stand

Amen International Pte Ltd provides floor “A” stand in Singapore, a simplest way of preventing slips, trips, and falls in your workplace is to identify where such hazards may occur. This can be achieved by inspecting the premises, reviewing incident and injury records, and talking to both workers as well as supervisors.


Amen International Pte Ltd provides floor ‘A’ stand in Singapore, a simple and practical way of preventing slips, trips, and falls from occurring in your workplace . This can be achieved by identifying possible danger or hazard zones and placing a floor ‘A’ stand at the site for people to notice.

This sign acts as a reminder to passersby to avoid such as slippery floor.


Effective placement of sign:

    • A few meters or feet before the site of danger.
    • Place sign where there is light so it can be easily seen or read by passersby.
    • If there is only a small puddle of water to avoid, place a sign directly in front or over the wet patch.


Some of the features of our floor “A” stand include:

    • Yellow Color.
    • Made of Plastic.
    • Lightweight.
    • Single or Double-sided Print
    • Portable & Easy Storage.
    • Durable & Waterproof Material.


Options available for the floor “A” stand in Singapore include:

    • Can be customized to meet client’s needs.
    • Comes with a customized or standard logo or visual and label (eg. ‘Wet Floor’, ‘Work in Progress, etc.)


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