Iron Crowbars

Amen International Pte Ltd provides an iron crowbar in Singapore that is kept for emergency use to open locked doors or for standby on specific purposes (eg. to open crate storage).

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Amen International Pte Ltd provides iron crowbars in Singapore for use during times of emergency. Crowbars have a variety of uses. However, its main function is to pry things or force things apart with its sharp slanted end and/or remove nails with its curved two-pronged point. Some examples of when a crowbar might be useful and handy during specific, non-emergency purposes are the opening of sealed wooden crates and locked doors.

The ends of the crowbar are strong enough to smash or break certain types of materials hence can double as a makeshift hammer if necessary.

Our crowbar comes in a standard size and are often kept in Guard Houses, Emergency Response Cabinets, Vehicles, etc. as a possible safety tool. Mechanical workshops are also commonly known to posses this tool as well.


Some of the features of our iron crowbars include:

    • Material is Steel Iron.
    • Portable & Sturdy.
    • Sharp Edges.
    • Strong & Durable.


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