Painting of Arrows

Amen International Pte Ltd provides arrow painting in Singapore according to the layout, lot measurement, and design of carpark and road lane areas. We offer an extensive range of painting services to match our client’s different needs and requirements.

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Amen International Pte Ltd provides Painting of Arrows in Singapore according to the layout, measurement and design of carpark and road lane areas. These arrows are important for regulating and slowing vehicle’s speed especially in high traffic or populated areas.

With frequent exposure and vehicular contact, all road paints will typically erode and fade with time. As such, it would be necessary to repaint or create a new arrow after a long time. Some surfaces cannot be painted over as they may not be unsuitable or contain a layer of protective chemical film.


Our staff may request for clients to send a picture of the surface where the intended painting will be, to identify the texture of the road surface. Other than new arrow painting, we also do repainting of existing arrows.


Some of the features of our Painting of Arrows include:

    • Polyurethane Paint.
    • Smooth & Water Repellent.
    • High Coverage.
    • High Visibility & UV Protected.
    • Outdoors and Indoors use.


Options available for the Painting of Arrows Singapore include:

    • Customizable Size & Color according to Client’s Requirements.
    • Pricing varies on the quantity and nature of painting works.


Request for a quote above by choosing the various options available and pressing “add to quote”. Click the “checkout” basket at the top of the page to review and submit your quotation request.

You will receive a quote within 1 working day.


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