Rubber Wheel Stoppers

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Amen International Pte Ltd provides rubber wheel stoppers in Singapore that help to guide drivers by ensuring that their vehicles stop at the correct parking position. This stoppers are extremely useful in protecting both vehicles and properties by avoiding grazing of nearby walls, barriers, or curbs.

Our wheel stoppers are made of rubber material which makes them long-lasting and thus ‘unbreakable’. This hence makes these types of wheel stoppers more value for money.

This wheel stopper follows a color pattern of alternating yellow/black strips thus making it more visible and easily spotted by drivers.


Some of the features of our rubber wheel stoppers include:

    • Water & Rust Resistant.
    • Durable & Long lasting..
    • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
    • Visible from distance.
    • Heavy duty metal bolts used to secure the stopper in place.
    • Brand : Sanlite


Note: This product is not suitable for large heavy vehicles such as a trailer.


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550 mm L x 150 mm W x 100 mm H, 1.8 meter x 150 mm W x 100 mm H




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