Single Bicycle Stand

Amen International Pte Ltd provides stainless steel bicycle stands in Singapore on different bicycle parking stands offering single and multiple rack designs for both personal and public use to hold your bicycles in place. 

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Amen International Pte Ltd provides Single Bicycle Stand in Singapore for both personal and public use to secure bicycles in place. The racks are to assist parking in neat and manageable manner.

Our designs are ideal for short-term or long term systematic parking on the respective premises. These stands are highly durable, solid, functional and convenient to use. 

Our bike stand is corrosion resistant and maintains its appearance for many years. The rustproof and weatherproof material makes it suitable for outdoor use.

Many of these individually designed stands can be arranged in a row to form a neat rack on places that require easy installation of free-standing cycle parking.


Some of the features of our single bicycle stand include:

    • Material is stainless steel.
    • Easy Installation by bolting.
    • Individually Fabricated & Free Standing.
    • Works for a variety of types and sizes of bicycles.
    • 2 inch dia. pole with 10 mm rod.
    • Size is 270 x 570 mm (H) standard size.
    • Brand : Sanlite


Options available for the single bicycle stand in Singapore include:

    • Can be installed side by side to form a rack.
    • Can be fabricated in mild steel.


Please note: Installation of this product cannot take place on soft flooring. Concrete flooring is most suitable.
We also recommend for this bicycle stand be installed in an open, empty space that does not disrupt the flow of traffic (eg. near walls or corners)


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270 x 570 mm




Stainless Steel, Mild Steel




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