Small Rubber Road Humps

Amen International Pte Ltd provides small rubber road humps orgin in Singapore, is often used on streets, parking areas, and road connectors where there is heavy traffic flow of both pedestrians and motorists.

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Amen International Pte Ltd supplies small rubber road humps in Singapore that are often used in parking areas and driveways where heavy traffic flow of both pedestrians and motorists is present.

Our humps are often installed with the intention of controlling traffic by getting vehicles to reduce their speed upon approaching blind spots or areas with heavy human traffic. This thus reduces the likelihood of accidents occurring. At a slow speed, vehicles passing over the humps will feel a gentle ascend and descend rather than a harsh, jerky reaction.

The hump is colored in an alternating black & yellow pattern to make it more visible to motorists.


Some of the features of our rubber road humps include:

    • Sturdy & Secure.
    • Water & Rust Resistant.
    • Visible from a distance.
    • Durable & Long lasting.
    • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
    • Installation by using heavy-duty bolts.
    • Brand : Sanlite


Options available for rubber road humps in Singapore include:

    • May require the use of epoxy chemical if the surface is eroded and uneven.


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