Amen International Pte Ltd provides torchlight/flashlight in Singapore used to illuminate dimly lit surroundings especially when there is no electricity. They are also a staple in every comprehensive emergency box and can prove useful in countless situations, whether personal, commercial, or in times of emergency.

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Amen International Pte Ltd supplies torchlight in Singapore. This device is used to illuminate dimly lit surroundings especially when there is no electricity. This device is an important item in every emergency box and has proved useful in countless situations whether personal, commercial or in times of emergency.

We currently offer two types of torchlight for different user and purposes:

(a) Industrial flashlights are safe and efficient for use by commercial buildings, schools or general facilities offices. They provide greater, brighter illumination as compared to a smaller, general-purpose torchlight. These types of flashlights are commonly used for search and rescue missions, security and law enforcement, controlling traffic, etc.


Some of the features of our industrial torchlight include:

    • Battery Operated.
    • Hand-Held Holder.
    • High-intensity Brightness
    • Large Face & Bigger Exterior.

(b) General Purpose torchlight provide basic illumination and comes in a simple, handy design. They are easy to use by anyone. They can be used for everyday tasks such as car repairs, camping and finding objects.


Some of the features of our general purpose torchlight include:

    • Battery Operated.
    • Compact & Lightweight.
    • Normal intensity brightness.


Options available for Torchlight in Singapore include:

    • Offers two types of flashlights for general and industrial purposes.


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