Wooden Shelving

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Amen International Pte Ltd provide customized wooden shelving in Singapore. These wooden shelving are specially customized for any uses that fits its intended use. In addition, they are great for storing and organizing office supplies and personal belongings. 

Our wooden cabinets typically have a door and locks to keep the stored items safe. These cabinets are often placed inside dressing rooms, guardhouses, offices, etc. for easy access and convenient use by the public, visitors or employees.

However, without the doors are also popular to make easy for any user to store their items. Material is made of wood so as to ensure that the shelving is strong enough to store material that are place on it.

* Please note: Client’s need to provide number of slots that they need


Some of the features of our wooden shelving include:

    • Material is Wood
    • Safe & Secure.
    • Easy Cleaning.
    • Durable & long-lasting.


Options available for the wooden shelving in Singapore include:

    • Customizable size, design, material and color according to the client’s requirement.
    • It can come with or without a lock, with a door or no doors.


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You will receive a quote within 1 working day.


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