Hanging Directional Signs


Amen International Pte Ltd provides Hanging Directional Signs in Singapore. This type of sign is primarily used to give motorists and passersby/pedestrians on information about a current location or point them to other possible destinations. This signage are usually used in carparks, malls and commercial buildings. The hanging signs would typically have few words and a clear, easy-to-read design for people to read at a glance.

The sign can be lighted or non-lighted. However, a lighted sign is usually preferred as it allows important directions to be illuminate and seen during nightfall, darker areas or poor weather conditions. The supply of electrical power is critical in determining the practicality of installing such lighted signage.

The directional sign can come in aluminium or acrylic with normal printing or box -up aluminium with lighted acrylic backing.


Some of the features of our Hanging Directional Signs include:

    • Easy to clean.
    • High Visibility.
    • Energy-Efficient LED lights (for lighted sign).


Options available for the Hanging Directional Sign in Singapore include:

    • Cable laying services can be provided.
    • Each sign varies according to design, material, size, and intended placement.
    • Customized sign’s texts and colors to better meet the client’s needs and requirements.


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